March 9, 2018



They are everywhere!  A month or two ago — none.  Now, there are these yellow ones, and also orange ones, and green ones.  They appear in rows and racks, and also randomly parked.  Who rides them, and where from and to? And how did those people transport themselves before?!  Are they replacing walking or riding the bus or Uber/Lyft?

They are new, attractive, and apparently reasonably priced to rent.  What happens when it rains?  And will they be stolen — for parts or whatever?  And who maintains them?

And who thinks it’s safe to ride a bike in downtown San Diego?  I think it’s hardly safe to walk…drivers seem to treat driving like a video game or sport, not thinking about the damage potential of a 2-ton vehicle.  Brave (foolhardy?) bike riders!

March 8, 2018


I saw these in the San DIego Library’s rare books room.  I can’t remember what they are called, what the language is, what they say,  how old they are, who made them for what purpose, nor how they are made.  I wish I had taken some notes.

But they are extraordinarily beautiful in their graphic simplicity, strength, rhythm, and contrast of color and line.  The delicate red with the dark, bold black; the horizontal format; the repetition and variation — lots of the things I talked about yesterday.

There is such loveliness in the world — nature-made and human-made!

March 7, 2018


And texture and surface and color.  And repetition and variation.  And curves and lines and holes and connections.  And rhythms and pauses.  Knitting is so much like music and art and dance, both in its process and in its results.  I’ve been thinking about the art I like to make, and a lot of it is repetition with rhythm.  Even the drawing I do tends to have elements of dance; I like to dance with my pen.  When I make collages there’s often a grid or some sketchy elements of a grid, which provides structure for the dance of shapes and colors.

It’s really all the same even when it’s different.

March 6, 2018

Our Local

As the British would say.  Restaurant/sports bar.  A great “Taco Tuesday” with yummy carnitas and superb potatoes for the vegetarians/vegans and those of us who just enjoy spicy potatoes!  Also a dozen toppings, including my favorite, avocado cream.  Beans, rice, shredded cabbage, two cheeses, pico de gallo, and more.  Nice service.  Too loud but very clean.  To top it all off, a very reasonable price and delicious salads for those of us who want a veggie with every meal.  Happy.

March 5, 2018


Part of a sculpture on the Martin Luther King Parkway, which is a walkway across from the harbor and convention center.  It has quotes and sculptures.  In this one,  I like the surface texture of the brushed metal — and the lights and darks in that you don’t really notice when looking at the real thing.  But they are very evident in the photo; the camera can enhance the image, not just capture it.  And I did nothing to the photo except for cropping it — no contrast or color manipulation.

You can see some sky and palm trees in the upper opening and a building and a truck in the lower one.  There are things to marvel at right in front of us every day.

March 4, 2018

Corinto Again

Art?  Fencing?  At the beach in Corinto, Nicaragua.  Tires and palms and sand and color and the sea.  And yet strange.  A sense of defeat, of doom, even in the face of the color and the effort.  Or maybe just my gloomy glasses.  I look back at that trip and really wonder about the fate of the world.  Of us all.

March 3, 2018

All the Way

Yep, it’s turtles.  Dear friends gave us this.  There are little bells between the turtles.  We have it hanging on the back of an oft-used door, and the turtles’ bells ring whenever someone goes in or out.  A small tinkle, as it were!

March 2, 2018


I love these.  Again.  Even if some are out of focus.  I am out of focus too, sometimes.  The contrast is great.  The deep velvety green and the bright white.  With the yellow-green accents.  It’s hard to know it’s spring just by looking around.  Some of the trees are still bare of leaves, but there’s so much that blooms year round.  And it might rain tonight.  I hope.

March 1, 2018

California Groceries

It is so wonderful that we get such glorious produce here.  In March, even.  I  made pasta with asparagus for dinner, with a simple squeeze of  lemon juice and fresh-grated Asiago.  Butter lettuce salad with fresh orange chunks (oops, left the orange out of the photo) and avocado.  (Artichokes for tomorrow.)  Bakery baguette, too, as if we didn’t have enough carbs.  It was just too appealing to have real bakery bread, one of my favorite indulgences!