April 11, 2014

Baby sea lion?
Baby sea lion?

The godwit doesn’t seem to know or care.  Mr. Pinniped was too far away for us to tell for sure that he’s a sea lion rather than a seal, but I think the former is more likely.  I was in such a hurry to take the photo that I didn’t even realize the godwit was there.  Surprise!

Unfortunately, as we got closer, the sea lion turned tail, as it were, and swam out to sea/see.  He paralleled the beach for a while and then we lost him in a big wave.  Where his family was we don’t know.

It was much sunnier and warmer this afternoon, which meant more people on the beach.  A few others were treated to the sight of Mr. P. After the appearance of Harold yesterday, I guess I wasn’t all that surprised to see Mr. P. today.

And I keep thinking of “godwits” as “godwinks.”  Wouldn’t that be a cute name?  Like Spizzwinks (?) at Yale.  Not that “godwit” isn’t a bit curious…

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