April 13, 2015

On the Path to the Beach
On the Path to the Beach

Even getting there holds its treasures.  The poppies and daisies set themselves up nicely against the ever-present purple…whose name I forget.

Ah, the forgetting.  It’s one syllable, and I think it starts with ‘s’ and I think it has an ‘h’ in it.  And it maybe has another non-floral meaning.  But you can’t look that up, can you?  Even if I think of its name, I don’t think I’ll come back and edit this.  Words just beyond the tip of the tongue (or perhaps tip of the brain?) are fascinating.  I want to say ‘stealth’ but of course that’s not it! Ah, statice!  (No ‘h’ after all.] And I’m not sure that’s how you spell it — but it doesn’t seem to have much status in my brain.  [Ugh!}

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