April 2, 2014

Yesterday morning
Yesterday morning

I’m not often at the beach in the morning, and it had just finished raining, so these colors seemed exceptional to me.  The sea is deep green compared to the pure middle blue of the sky!  There was more surf than usual, too, but no one out there — yet.  Now the daily surfers seem to have the company of kids frolicking; it’s spring break for weeks, I guess.  Or April begins “the season?”  We’ll find out as we go through more of the calendar year.

Noticed today that the sand seems to come and go, covering and uncovering the stones on the upper beach.  It’s especially evident by the stairs; sometimes it’s a huge step down from the last stair to the sand/beach, and other times there’s very little gap.  So it appears that an earlier question has been answered: no one has to do anything after storms seem to ravage the beach and leave mounds of pebbles, stones, rocks, boulders.  The tides take care of it, moving sand around from place to place.  In some areas, there are gentle hills of sand and even low places where the water pools.  Seeing the beach on a daily basis demonstrates slow, gradual changes.

Slow, gradual changes, punctuated by storms.  That’s how nature works.  Is it how we work?

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