April 27, 2014

King of the hill
King of the hill

Kelp king.  “Because it’s there.”  Did he climb it or just fly to it?  Don’t know.  He was there when we got there.  Unchallenged.  Alone.  He didn’t stay too long because I couldn’t keep myself from gradually creeping closer to him to try to get just one more better shot.  I wonder if there’s a common distance that the birds keep between themselves and us creepers?

Also,  it makes me ask how often do we climb for a different view?  It’s hard to notice when the views change.  It’s hard to notice when our own views change, internal and external.  It’s hard to wait for someone else’s views to change.

Waiting, and noticing.  That’s what taking pictures is about.  I need more waiting and noticing time in my life.  I think the waiting and noticing just might make the doing that follows a bit more meaningful.  From a hill — or not.

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