April 29, 2015

Lagoon View
Lagoon View

When we can’t walk on the beach at low tide, the lagoon is a nice alternative.  We get to walk by the nearby hotel, through acres of ’empty’ land that people use to walk and train dogs — and fly drones — (ugh), then up through a residential area along a shaded walkway, then to the lagoon itself with its multiple lookout points and benches.

It is quiet and comfortable to walk there mid-morning, hearing the birds, the approaching yet somewhat distant trains, the water fowl squawking, and the multitude of mocking birds and morning doves; seeing the lizards/geckos skitter around, the variety of flowering shrubs, and the dogs being walked.  The air is sweetly scented with clover, jasmine, and other things I can’t identify but still enjoy.  A multi-sensory experience.  We even stop partway for a bite of cheese, and there is always a breeze and usually sunshine on one’s neck.  Paradise indeed.

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