April 30, 2015

Lagoon nest with parents
Lagoon nest with parents

There they were, on top of the world.  There’s an egret down below, at water’s edge, to the left.  And, out of the frame, an osprey perched on an electrical wire.

We’ve seen the osprey before, and an egret, too, but hadn’t noticed this nest.  Probably wouldn’t have if the birds hadn’t flown to it.  Nicely camouflaged in the yucca (?) or whatever that prickly-looking tower is.

We also came upon a local walker who’d found a loose dog.  She didn’t have a phone (neither did the dog) so we called the number on the dog’s tag and the owner came and picked up the little escape artist.  “Buddy” had done this before, apparently, sneaking out as the garage door opens.  He was a thirteen-year old schnauzer mix and didn’t look the least bit sheepish.

Walking by the lagoon is quite different from walking on the beach.  Still an ocean-y thing, though.

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