April 6, 2014

Different beach
Different beach

It feels so very not-our-beach.  And I hardly ever take photos with people in them, unless I want to specifically do a portrait.  Not for this blog, anyway.  But there we were, towards the center of town, on a very different beach, with people everywhere.   So that’s the ocean, too.

Earlier today we actually sat out on our beach, in beach chairs, with a picnic.  My cousin was visiting.  We didn’t take a walk.  We sat and chatted and sunned and snacked and had lunch and “got a bit of color.”  “Go outside and get a bit of color!” my mom would say.  Nowadays it’s not such a great idea to get a bit of color, and we did use sunscreen eventually.  Still, it felt decadent and self-indulgent and wonderful.

It’s supposed to be warmer this coming week.  So I will wear sandals to the beach and perhaps walk barefooted.  And wear a hat and sunscreen so as to minimize that “bit of color.”  What a shame.

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