August 1, 2014


This is a bad photo of a fascinating collection of structures inside the stump of a tree.  I hope the stump is still there when I return to the Botanic Garden; if so, I will take a new photo and replace this one.

This was revelatory because I never would have guessed that the internal structure of a tree looked anything like this.  I’m not actually certain it is a tree, for that matter; it might be a shrub or some other sort of plant.  Because it was just a stump, it wasn’t labeled.  Many things in the garden are indeed labeled, but not as much as I’d like.  Sometimes I find an unlabeled plant and have to look around for more, hoping that another instance has been labeled.

This garden currently has a varied collection of sculptures placed here and there.  They are made of wood, metal, glass, clay…and perhaps other things.  They range from playful and quirky to graceful and elegant.  What a lovely adjunct to nature!  I wish they weren’t temporary, but I guess if they don’t sell, they move on to another venue.  I think I’ve made only one outdoor piece, and I left it in Kansas City.  Left a lot in Kansas City, sigh.

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