August 10, 2014

Yellow revealed
Yellow revealed

I didn’t even see that chartreuse-y yellow when I took this photo.  So this is yet another cropping revelation.  I almost typed ‘relevation,’ which is a spoonerism of a sort that I have enjoyed for many years.  ‘Relevate’ sounds a little like levitate.  So maybe a ‘relevation’ is a higher revelation?  A spiritual one, perhaps?

Anyway, this color combination reminds me of the kitchen floor in the house I grew up in.  My mom called it Chinese red and chartreuse; she also called it impossibly ugly.  (It was mostly chartreuse with a foot-wide border of the dullest dark red!)  She kept hoping it would wear out.  It was linoleum, the real thing, and virtually indestructible.  I once saw her drop a huge hot skillet on it; she said she wished it would burn/mar it so she wouldn’t feel guilty replacing a perfectly good floor!  The cabinets in the kitchen were painted lemon yellow and the table was typical ’50s Formica, speckled gray and tan and white.  A very wonky color scheme and very cosy in its homeliness.

That floor never did wear out, but she had a ‘relevation’ and eventually replaced it anyway.  Nature’s own chartreuse and red is a much lovelier combination!

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    1. Hi Charlotte,

      Drat, the video didn’t seem to work. But thanks for the reference. I will try it again later. Revele/elevate/levitate — love it!

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