August 12, 2015

Pink Sky
Pink Sky

With the ubiquitous palm tree.  Isn’t ‘ubiquitous’ a good word?

The sky was super-pink for several nights just after we moved here.   I don’t know what combination of clouds and atmospheric conditions affect the color; often it doesn’t seem to happen.  And,  often the camera turns the pink into yellow, but this time it was more faithful.  Nice finish to the day.

One thought on “August 12, 2015”

  1. Good word indeed. I love colorful sunsets. Growing up in San Diego, I always thought of them with as being very orange. Then living in the mountains of New Mexico for a number of years I began to see the pinks and even lavenders at times. And yes, perhaps it’s the atmospheric conditions. The air quality of SoCal has greatly improved in more recent years. You chose a good time to move there.

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