August 13, 2016

Same Time
Same Time

Same place, different view.  Funny how the raking light flattens the perspective; the foreground is the side of the cliff and yet looks to be almost in the same plane as the gray beach below.

I like the stripe-y effects of this photo as well as the muted softened colors.  The sun bleaches most of the depth out of the water and leaves the sand looking blurred and fuzzy.

When I take these photos, the sun is in my eyes and I can barely see to compose the elements.  I have no idea what the colors will look like and very little feel for the total composition.  So it is a gift when something unexpected works.  Photography is such a distinctive and variable form of art-making, and continues to hold curious surprises!

One thought on “August 13, 2016”

  1. If I wasn’t pretty sure it was the ocean, given who you are, I might have wondered. The white bank looks almost like the top of a sheer cliff, as if somebody cut straight down thru frosting and a blue cake. The patches are amazing. Are you SURE it is the ocean?

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