August 14, 2015

Back to the Linear
Back to the Linear

This palm frond (?) has been bleaching out over the last several weeks, if not months.  It’s by the side of the road where we walk a few times per week.  Perhaps someone invented Venetian (!) blinds after seeing one of these.   Are there palm trees in Venice?

This is a blog post with excessive use of parentheses, which is a common fault of mine.  But there.  What a fault. Just the word ‘parentheses’ is fun, don’t you think?  And never mind Venetian blinds.  I’ll bet no one calls them that any more.  I hated our once-a-year bathtub cleaning of the Venetian blinds.  All awkward and drippy and somehow Mom always got the idea to do it on some random humid summer day.  Yep, take em down, fill up the tub, put the blinds in, scrub with a brush, remove and let drip and …I have no idea how we dried them.  The palm frond (?) is prettier.

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