August 14, 2016

Mexican Restaurant
Mexican Restaurant

Almost as iconic as the ocean, the Mexican restaurant is a plentiful and popular Southern California fixture.  From the taco shop/shack to the sit-down with the strolling musicians, you can find everything from fish tacos (fish grilled or fried) to mole.  With triple enchiladas, each in its own sauce,  just another yummy option that we enjoyed with friends this balmy evening.

This potted plant was in the outdoor waiting area by the reflecting pool/fountain.  Its ordinary ubiquitousness (I made that word up, I guess) didn’t detract from its charm.  Looking at the water in the pool, I just wish it would cool off and stop raining in Louisiana.  Would that we could direct that rain here, and alleviate lots of suffering there while giving a drink to our parched desert-meets-the-ocean terrain here.  The vagaries of nature can be violent and cold indeed.

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