August 15, 2014

Dividing the picture plane
Dividing the picture plane

So this crop is playing with composition — and shadow.  Diagonals to enliven, thirds, repetition: those basics of composition 101.  This is about 1/20th of the original image, and is part of the I-need-to-look-even-more-closely campaign I have put myself into.

Looking even more closely can be good for lots of things, things we take for granted, things we are uncomfortable with, things that aren’t what they seem.  How could the news media — any or all of them — help us look more closely?  It seems like so much that passes as investigative journalism presents conclusions rather than posing questions by looking at lots of specific data and actions and organizations and individuals.  And how often do we see a two-column list with pros and cons or even “They1 did this” while They2 did this?”  Or a time-line?  Or two time-lines, one from each side?

Persuade?  Reinforce the choirs’s already-held views?  I do get tired/confused/incensed reading the news.  So, I need to look even more closely.

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