August 16, 2014

Come closer problem
Come closer problem

Continuing yesterday’s ideas, this is a close-up of a portion of a small quilt I am working on.  It’s slow going.  Maybe because it’s small and every teensy decision matters.  I’ve laid it out multiple times and keep moving things around.  There are not that many pieces and not that many possibilities — or are there?

How do we know if we’ve overlooked something?  Perhaps can’t see the trees for the forest, to invert the trope.  Trees/forest/trees: the whole is nothing without each and every part.  Each part changes the whole.

Move a piece a half-inch and the balance is different, the focus is different.  I have to balance shape, intricacy, black/white, and busy/rest.  The whole is busy but just black and white.  Well, except for some writing I did in red.  And I may change it to yellow, except yellow doesn’t show up like red does, in ink anyway.  And I need a color to beckon the viewer to look more closely.  Look more closely, will you?

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