August 22, 2016

Palm Calligraphy
Palm Calligraphy

Bird scratching?  Some tool making accidental contact?  This was on the side of the trunk of one of the palm trees that line our street.  Palms will probably be a rare sight in a generation or two; they require lots of water and provide only a little shade.  They are, however, iconic, and perhaps majestic in a rather whimsical way.

At eye level the trunks are usually brown, with the remnants of stripped/fallen fronds spiraling around.  This acrid green, then, was a surprise, and I find its speckles –freckles? — rather charming.  Then there are the mysterious small vertical marks as well as the calligraphic main one.  In need of revelation or, as I once spoonerized (?), relevation.  Relevate, relevate, dance to the music!

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