August 24, 2016


We visited friends, and their friend had this amazing tattoo.  I must disclose that I am uncomfortable with tattoos for multiple reasons, most especially because of their use by the Nazis.  I also don’t look for pain, nor for decorative changes that are difficult to undo.  So, while I use makeup sometimes, and pierced my earlobes (just once) so I could wear earrings without the discomfort of clip-ons, a tattoo is surely not in my future.

That said — this was a complex, colorful, and intricate piece of body art.  I couldn’t capture the whole thing, but this was the best photo I could take with my phone.  I told him I would put it on my blog, and here it is!  The gentleman-owner in question was also our cook for the evening and made us a nice meal.  This arm did the chopping and stirring! The woman portrayed here must have watched and approved.

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