August 25, 2016

Neighborhood Peacock
Neighborhood Peacock

Our friends in Altadena put out sunflower seeds.  (Give them food and they will come?)  Apparently the peacocks roam from yard to yard, checking things out.  This guy was putting on a show.  He’d wiggle his tufted fanny, stamp his feet, and shake his plumage.  Then he’d tip and turn and make sure we all got a good view of his glory.

Our friends have seen new chicks grow up, feathers molted, new ones growing.  There were six or eight peacocks and hens strolling about their yard, making various peeps and cries (one cry sounds terribly like a very unhappy two-year-old screeching), and generally feeling very much at home. They let us come within about two feet of them.  This glorious bouquet looks enormous, either displayed like this or trailing behind when folded up.  I think peacock plumage is one more of those things that you almost don’t believe is real until you see it!

2 thoughts on “August 25, 2016”

  1. How fun to see them right up close like that! Reminds me of my childhood days visiting the San Diego Zoo where they used to roam so easily. And their call is so unique, too. Thanks for the beautiful picture and for the memories, too!

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