August 28, 2014

Fuzzy Wuzzy
Fuzzy Wuzzy

I’ll probably look back at these and wonder why I was so interested in plants.  It’s not been a passion for me.   I think I’m now intrigued by the formal compositional elements as much as anything else.  And, of course,  by the often seductive color.

Plants don’t sleep.  Animals do.  Maybe I could be more plant-like.  I wish I could do without sleep, or with less sleep.  Lack of sleep results in ridiculous levels of impairment, and lack of sleep is all too common for me.  I wrote some today, but didn’t even try making art.   I feel hungover/drunk/woozy/sluggish in brain and body from — well, not sleepiness, but a dearth of awake-ness.  Sleepiness would be welcomed, for then I could nap.  Napping eludes me, too.

Early night.  More hope.  Lots of these entries seem to finish with the word “hope.”

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