August 29, 2014

Bleeding hearts
Bleeding hearts


At least, I think that’s what they are.  If not, they must be related.

I wrote an apparently funny poem at writing practice today.  People laughed and someone told me they didn’t generally like poetry at the writing prompt group, but they liked mine.  Someone said I should write poetry for kids.  I surprised myself, writing nine rhyming stanzas in 20 minutes.  I don’t think it’ll go down in history — and it’s rather transgressive — but hey!  Laughter is good.  We need more laughter.

2 thoughts on “August 29, 2014”

    1. Absolutely. We write to a prompt and are just supposed to keep the pen moving. I was pleasantly surprised! Then when I got home I did a smidgeon of tweaking, but that’s all. This writing group is good…creative folks, very kind, very insightful…The writing and the art are taking turns with the photography, and I am loving these out-of-focus photos so much that I might start printing them on fabric and using them in art quilts…later, later!

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