August 31, 2016

Marine Layer
Marine Layer

Makes the air so soft.  You can feel it almost-rain.  Like Providence-ing.  In Providence, it was either raining, about to rain, or just finished raining.  That is, for 3.5 seasons of the year, anyway.  And when it felt like you should wring out the air, I called it Providence-ing.  Misting.  Or almost-misting.  And it smells good, and feels like cat-paws, patting your skin.

I like that kind of air, and I like how it creates an atmosphere where edges blend, everything is blurred, outlines are gentled.  (Gentled — like gentling horses.  Our society needs gentling…but that’s a different blog, one I don’t care to write right now!)

So folks here often complain about the marine layer.  They demand their sunshine.  I don’t.  I like those foggy, grayed, atmospheric Japanese brush-painted landscapes, too.  When I get myself to Japan someday, I will particularly request some fog, please.  Meanwhile, behold the marine layer.

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