August 4, 2016

Points of View
Points of View

Tree-fence at the campground.  Most of the campsites have some shrubbery, of various sizes, shapes, and states of trimming.  This empty site had this perfectly trimmed tree, right up against the cliff, that just begged for a photo.

There are shrubs against a chain-link fence that runs along the length of the campground, and shrubs that provide a boundary of sorts between the campsites.  We wonder at how people choose their sites, for there are wide, shallow ones and there are long, deep ones.  Some are near the restrooms, or the water fountain, or the camp store; and then there is the choice between overlooking the cliff and the ocean view, versus being across the barely two-lane road, which is cheaper.  And then the question of “hook-ups” to water, electricity, etc.

It must be a complicated business to choose and reserve your site.  We see tent-campers, small pull-alongs, huge fancy homes on wheels with pop-outs and awnings and everything *including* the kitchen sink etc. and a shower and a bedroom and a closet…and we have never partaken of this vacation style.  But it’s fun to walk through it and see people doing dishes in a plastic tub and smell the bacon frying and see the big-screen tvs set up against the side of the RV!  There are people playing cards, reading, looking at their computer tablets, playing horseshoe variations, and the inevitable bikes and skateboards.  Pretty much year-round.  Cool.

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