August 5, 2016

Intact Fire Ring/Bucket
Intact Fire Ring/Bucket

This is what they look like when they are usable, as opposed to piled in the exquisitely textured heap I photographed previously.  I think the grate is a handy touch; note the chains that attach it to the bucket.  Sigh?

Some of the campsites are just sand and others are pavement.  Many people put out indoor-outdoor carpeting mats.  Makes it nicer to go barefoot — both cooler and cleaner.  We also notice that there are brooms propped near many RV doors, and an array of shoes sometimes, too.  The camp hosts we spoke with today say their own RV floors are mostly tile — that makes sense given that the beach is both sandy and damp.  They were out washing and polishing their RV’s exterior this morning, and I realized that RVs don’t fit into regular car washes.  An RV is a large thing to wash!

It’s a whole nother culture there, and fun to observe.

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  1. Love this! The grate does add to the overall effect. A nice companion piece to the other photo of the buckets.

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