August 9, 2015

Palm Tree Base
Palm Tree Base

They look like fence posts.  They appear like a collection of vine-like tubes, just stuck into the ground.    And then the bark (?) of the tree is so scaly and woven-looking.  The whole thing doesn’t seem like it goes together, the parts are so disparate.  They wave their fronds up so high, furry lollipops decorating the ocean view.  Apparently they are water hogs, and they certainly provide very little shade.  Some say they should disappear, replaced possibly by more environmentally sound specimens.  But they are such a tropical icon; they would be missed.  Perhaps people will marvel over them a few generations from now.

3 thoughts on “August 9, 2015”

  1. If you cut them down, and if doing that really does save water, people will suck that up and look around for what to cut down next. Was it Reagan? Nixon? –anyway, one of those Occupants–had the idea to cut down all the giant sequoias except for an aisle to drive through. People are the problem, not the trees, or grass, or…

    1. I’m not thinking the recommendation was to actually cut them down, but rather not to plant more nor to replace them whey they die or become diseased or unstable.

      I’m often hazy on details of things I hear second-hand, which is my bad. Apparently most are not native to here…there’s more I need to research!

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