December 12, 2014

Photo shoot
Photo shoot

On my beach.  Yep, my beach.  Just about no one else there, before the storm.  I don’t usually take pictures of people.  But this was unusual, and I feel like it’s not a photo of people, but rather of an activity.  Things happen on the beach.  Because  — it’s a beach.

The model was wearing white, but it wasn’t a bridal gown.  I wonder if I’d recognize her in an ad.  They were doing still photos, not a movie/video.  Later, we saw the table in the upper left set up as if for a meal.

We walked the other way rather than intrude on the set.  On my beach.  Where there was a photo shoot.  Can’t say that in Kansas, eh?

It’s pouring outside right now, a midwest-like pouring.  There’s no photo shoot on my beach tonight!

One thought on “December 12, 2014”

  1. Wow! Your beach! Is that the view from your house? In any case, no, you certainly wouldn’t being saying that in Kansas. Grateful for the rain, but a sunshine day in Grass Valley today, Saturday!

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