December 13, 2016


Only in Southern California — or perhaps Hawaii or similar? — can one have such a Holiday arrangement.  Oh my, I first typed “arranglement” — isn’t that perfect?   We were doing some path-trimming around our teensy yard, and arrangled these from the large bird-of-paradise shrubs.

The container is one of an asymmetrical pair of lidded jars that are too large to use on a counter top, and since we don’t store quantities of cooking oil or grains, I’ve never had a use for them other than as objects of beauty, which they certainly are, no argument.  And now I know: tall flowers?  Take the lid off the jar, and voila!  A large vase.

Now, where shall I set this gorgeous gift of nature and human endeavor so that (1) guests can enjoy it and (2) the clumsy among us (author included) won’t trip over it?!

2 thoughts on “December 13, 2016”

  1. Cool arrangement. Always a reminder of my mom, one of her favorite flowers. Thanks for sharing, just a week before what would have been her 109th birthday.

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