December 18, 2016

Blowing in the Wind
Blowing in the Wind

Everything but the answers.  My thoughts are tangled like this.  My brain is in a tangle.  Heck, my emotions are in a tangle.  I just returned from my second political meeting ever.  Or maybe third? One was long ago about a school board.  More recently, supporting a candidate.  And now, a “speak and be heard action group?”

I  have not been a deliberately political creature.  It is not a comfortable place for me.  But hey, is this tree comfortable?

So I spent over two hours with people who weren’t organized enough, weren’t specific enough, weren’t looking at desired results and what actions might accomplish those results…but did I want to take over the meeting?  Heck, no!  Do I have those kinds of abilities and do I have the temperament?  I am way too impatient — although this was way too “facilitate-y” for me.  All that IBM training…where’s the agenda?  What are the decisions to consider and how will they be made?  Where are the action items?  Who’s in charge of them?What will they accomplish?

I think I’ll go make art, or cook.

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