December 2, 2016

Branching Out
Branching Out

Yet another tangle of underbrush at the campground.  These dying/dead/barely alive shrubs serve as privacy hedges between sites.  With only about 25%  occupancy, we can see the difference in size, shape, and amenities in the various sites.  For instance, most of the sites have a sandy ‘floor’ but some are gravel and a few are paved in asphalt.  Some have a permanently moored picnic table, others a movable one.  Some are wide and shallow, others short and deep.  Some have utility hookups, others don’t.  Half are against the cliff, facing the ocean; the others, across from them, are nearer the divided roadway (and are less expensive.)

Most, though, have some sort of dividing vegetation.  This ginormous gray-brown mesh of trunks, branches, and twigs is not unique, but it was a readily accessible and dramatic example.

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