December 23, 2014

British Green
British Green

Not sure it looks particularly British, but scrolling through my photos from the trip, it struck me as particularly vivid.  Once again, rain does that.  I have to remember that although we have indeed had some rain here, I still have to water my potted succulents that are under cover and not out in the elements.  My usual error is to over-water them, but now, because watering is no longer on my mind, I tend to forget them!

The care and feeding of…I do like to feed my family.  And friends.  I cooked a dinner for 7 while visiting my sister, and I’ve been cooking here at home.  Last night at 10:00 I decided to bake brownies (from “scratch” — everyone has scratch in their pantries, right?)   Made son’s favorite chicken dinner tonight.  Tomorrow it’s soup for Christmas Eve.  For Christmas day, it’s salmon.  Sometime there will be latkes, as Chanukah pushes right up against Christmas this year.  Daughter may bake pecan pie!  I love these special foods for special times for special people!  Care and feeding of: greenery and humanity.

2 thoughts on “December 23, 2014”

  1. Love the green! And your thoughts about care and feeding. Always loved being a guest in your home as you’re a wonderful hostess and cook. Being in your home was always special, or at least you made me feel that way. I know that you’ll all have a very blessed Christmas which I’m hoping that Chanukah has been. Jerry and I will have a quiet day at home probably sitting in front of the fire working on a new jigsaw puzzle. 🙂 Love to you all as you celebrate this time together.

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