December 26, 2016


Teardrop comma.  Perfect fit.  Just inside.  Cozy.  Rock of rocks. It rocks!  (On the beach, of course.)

We played some word games yesterday.  There are some challenging new ones, or at least they are new to me.  Gifts from Lucy and Casey, thank you!

Such fun!  The more visual one had amazing drawings, very imaginative and fantastic and sometimes humorous, turning cliches inside out.  I like surprising things turned inside out.  Nodding…

3 thoughts on “December 26, 2016”

  1. Me, too! Sorry if I comment too often. But your pictures and words are so engaging, I just can’t resist!

    1. No such thing as commenting too often! It is so meaningful to have a sense of making a difference. So we are both doing that?!

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