December 29, 2016

Torrey Pines
Torrey Pines

Grass, trees, ocean, clouds, blue skies.  A public golf course with a hotel.  And a restaurant open to the public.  And public paths to the beach.

This is why people choose to live here — despite the traffic and the high cost of housing, which are the two main negatives.  For me, there’s also the lack of good Asian food and the sprawl, which makes it harder (along with traffic) to access the art venues I’m interested in.

But — grass, trees, ocean, clouds, blue skies.  And temperatures in the low 70s.  Kids in shorts and tank tops.  Eating outdoors at the end of December!

2 thoughts on “December 29, 2016”

  1. So nice to have all that grass and all those trees, but are they native to San Diego? Does anyone who lives there mind that they are sucking the life out of a river that others along its natural course depend on, a river that does not run through San Diego and scarcely near it except on a continental scale? I’m sure that there is *someone* who minds, but are there enough of them?

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