December 3, 2016

Night is Drawing Nigh
Night is Drawing Nigh

And after this glorious sunset, we were headed for an art show, speaking of drawing.  The artist was my cousin’s daughter– that is, my first cousin, “once removed.”  I finally understood that label when I realized it was short for “one generation removed.”  Although, thinking about it now, I wonder — removed from what?!  From my own generation, I guess.

Linguistics aside, it was fun to celebrate an art opening for an ’emerging artist’ and be with family I don’t see that often.  My aunt (grandmother to the artist and a fine watercolor artist, museum docent, and retired art teacher herself — lots to admire there!) was out from the east coast for the occasion.  Dinner afterwards.  A fine time was had by all.  Families matter.  Much.  We do need to draw nigh to each other!

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