December 30, 2015

Carlsbad Skyline
Carlsbad Skyline

Well, there is a downtown Carlsbad, known as “the village.”  But it has no real skyline.  Nothing is more than two or three stories tall.  There are some taller hotels here and there, but not in the village.

Besides, this is what I’d always think of as skyline here.  Look up and over in any direction and there are palm trees of one sort or another.  There are rows of them that can be seen from the hills just east of the water — with palm trees regularly spaced as if to protect that beach/waterfront, a sentry of trees.  Yet there is a contradicting sad truth: those palm trees need lots of water and provide little shade.  They are not ecologically sound.  So I am enjoying their visual presence while they are still here.

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