December 4, 2014

Sky, sea, sand...
Sky, sea, sand…

And precious rain.

My friends brought it with them.  Perhaps.  We needed it.  Where does the sky descend, the sea start, the sand finish?

And what colors do you see?  Do you have names for those colors?  I find that colors I can’t name are very special.  “Pale bluish greenish gray” doesn’t really describe it, does it?  There’s a softness, a blur, a smudginess that is so elemental to this scene.  No boundaries.  No edges.  Japanese watercolor and ink?  The most delicate of pastels?  A wash of diluted oil paint?  None would come close to how it looks, and the photo doesn’t do it justice either.  But for now it’s the best way to share it with you.

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