December 7, 2014

Anemone at jetty
Anemone at jetty

Not as spectacular as the anemone photos I’ve seen online, but, hey, this is *our* anemone.  They jetty is a lovely place to find starfish, mussels, barnacles, and other shells and marine curiosities.  At least, to me they are curiosities, even if they are quite common!

There’s also something about this composition that I like, with the roundish stones and the roundish anemone and the spiraling lines inside him (her?) and the bean-shaped center, and the diagonals of the sand edges, and the muted but varied and mottled surfaces.  I’m not admiring my own handiwork — these shots are done quickly, and with some awkwardness of positioning,  mind you — but rather Nature’s handiwork.  She does nice art, eh?

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