December 8, 2014

Light shadow
Light shadow

Things aren’t always what they seem.  The sun made this mysterious drawing that *looks* like the gull’s reverse shadow.  I don’t know.

So much we don’t know, and the not-knowing can become a marvelous thing in itself.  If only we valued the not-knowing and were less certain and more interested in learning — about nature, about physics (which is just another term for perhaps the mechanics of nature), about each other, about motives, about goodness and evil, about right and wrong, about…well, almost everything.

Just embrace the not-knowing, and the miracles and mysteries that are out there.  There’s plenty for us all.  And we could all be housed and fed and educated and cared for.  We can solve border disputes, we can solve energy needs, we can solve all of it.  The light shadows hold the truth.

I don’t really feel this optimistic — but I’d like to.

(And I don’t know what that bit of green is by its tail, and that’s wonderful, too!)

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