December 8, 2016

A Cloudier Set
A Cloudier Set

Moody.  Like me. Moody is a lot better than — volatile?  Volatility no longer under the surface.  Out in the open.  There for all to see.  To erupt when?  Where?  How?  It’s bubbling, churning,  snickering, rubbing it’s greedy hands in glee.

But there’s an ocean out there, folks!  And sunsets!  And wonderful people to see them!  And nature and animals and rivers and forests and deserts and mountains and valleys and hush and leaves whispering and waterfalls rushing, and there are people loving and children playing and carers comforting and teachers explaining and artists making and babies cooing and musicians tuning up and actors rehearsing and dancers exercising and teams preparing and writers composing and scientists researching and inventors testing and thinkers pondering and dreamers wondering, and any number of good things I cannot list.  And this, this, is what the world should be about.

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