February 12, 2017


From around the world.  On Granville Island in Vancouver.  The store is called Maiwa Handprints.  What a visual and tactile pleasure!  I left with three pillowcases.  I wanted about thirty things ranging from placemats to clothing.  Really, though.  I spent a few hours there, including half an hour talking with two women who were trying to decide what linens to buy.  The best thing about that is — I ran into them a week later outside a condo in their neighborhood! This is, mind you, a city of over 600,000.  What are the chances?

Well, that meant we had lunch together the next day and then went to the movies togetheranother day.  I visited one of them in her condo.

Vancouver is an amazing city.  It was fun to take the water taxi to Granville  — three times?  It was great to try out the FOUR bakeries within a block of our hotel.  And we had to try them several times to see what our favorites were.  Would it be butter tarts?  (Probably)  Or perhaps blackberry crumble?  Or apricot and almond torte?  Better have them all a few times to decide…

More on Vancouver to come…rain included.

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