February 13, 2015

Three rocks in a row
Three rocks in a row

This photo is turned sideways — and I like it better that way.  Those rocks are coming out to confront you.

Get your ducks lined up.  Is that a hunting term?  (Then you can get two birds with one shot?  or?)

Get your stones lined up.  Get yourself lined up.  For what?  I think lines are a necessary.  Necessary evil?  Dunno, but sure necessary.  I like grids, too.  And Agnes Martin’s lines.  And Sol LeWitt’s.  And Cy Twombly’s.  But I would, wouldn’t I, now?

One thought on “February 13, 2015”

  1. Cool picture! I think “getting your ducks in a row” is about getting organized, and so being prepared for what’s next …

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