February 17, 2017

Skating Party

It was cold in Vancouver.  This is the lagoon in Stanley Park.  The ducks really were slip-sliding away.  Didn’t see one fall.  I think they were deciding where to go for hot chocolate afterwards.  We had hot chocolate afterwards, too, unless we had tea.

We were staying in the West Side, which is supposedly a gay neighborhood (whatever that means!)  and were delighted by the rainbow painted crosswalk near our hotel.  And the bakeries.  I think I mentioned the bakeries.  I’ll probably keep mentioning the bakeries…

Anyway, we were in a terrific location, besides the bakeries.  Nice walk to Stanley Park and its dear, darling ducks; to downtown; and to the water taxis to Granville Island.  Great restaurants.  A block from a major bus line.

And you can hardly go anywhere that doesn’t have a great view of mountains or oceans or bakeries.

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