February 19, 2014

I didn’t go to the beach today.  I volunteered at the textile museum, then we went to Balboa Park, then to dinner with friends, then to the photography club critique meeting.

Several lovely things happened.  Perhaps some compensation for missing my beach walk?

When I arrived at the museum, the director told me that one of the artists (in the group I’m showing with) was giving a talk in the gallery to her students, and that I should go in and talk to them about my piece.  I did, waiting at the back until the teacher noticed me and invited me to speak.  That was really nice — of both the director and the teacher.  It is so seldom artists get to talk about their work and so satisfying to do so!

Later, on the way to the meeting, we stopped at the Natural History museum to ask if there were somewhere open to get a hot drink.  The head of volunteers heard us asking, and invited us to make coffee in the volunteers’ break room.  She showed us the coffee pot, got out the coffee and also the half-and-half from the fridge, pointed to the cups, and left us to it.  Now, we don’t even belong to the Natural History museum.  I had never been inside it.  I was charmed by her friendly generosity.  Who says Californians aren’t friendly?  I left a thank-you note on her whiteboard.

A wonderful day.  And I can’t wait to go to the beach tomorrow.

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