February 20, 2016

Yellow, Head-on
Yellow, Head-on

The same one from two days ago, but a different view.  There must be a hundred linear feet of these shrubs along the old, abandoned highway 101/Carlsbad Boulevard.  It is a gorgeous mass of yellow, and each individual bud(?) is complex.

We can walk on the beach.  We can walk in the campgrounds above the beach.  We can walk on the abandoned road next to the campgrounds.  And we can walk on the sidewalk of the current 101/Carlsbad Boulevard, next to the abandoned one.  So many views, so much flora, water, cliff, and sky.

And I saw the International Space Station floating by tonight.  It is not flora or fauna or water or cliff.  It was for sure in the sky, with its six passengers, along with a nice big moon.

Moon, ISS, yellow blossoms.  Good.

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