February 22, 2014


Oh my.  The sky was the star of the show today.  I was tuning in to the sounds of the waves: hearing the brief near-silences, the rushes, the rumbles, the full-frontal attacks, the recessions.  But visually, it was all about the sky.

Doesn’t that look deliciously ambiguous?  It seems it could have been taken from an airplane, of the ocean below, seen through clouds.  But I was looking UP at the sky, shortly before sunset, and there it was: this mystery of endless spaces and darkness and blueness and fluffy whiteness.

I love ambiguity in art and marvel at it in words, although it can be infuriating when it occurs in directions or explanations.  “Left on Oak” — does that mean take a left onto Oak Street or go left (to somewhere unstated) once you have entered Oak Street?  Ah well.  I use “onto” to disambiguate my direction-giving, and I also try to use landmarks, compass directions, and right-left whenever possible.  Who knows what will be helpful?  Besides, it’s good for me to practice being aware of the compass directions, a skill I began to improve when we got a car with a built-in compass many years ago.  Girl Scouts didn’t seem to do it…

But I digress.  Look, just look, look at that sky!

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