February 22, 2015

More San Diego Spring
More San Diego Spring

Today we walked by the lagoon because it was supposed to rain at low tide.  The rain was late, but spring isn’t!

On our walk we met a  couple with a ruby  Cavalier.  I stop anyone I see with a Cavalier.  So we chatted a while and then each of us went on.  Fifteen minutes later we ran into each other again, laughed, and decided to have lunch together at a nearby place where we were heading anyway.  He grew up in the Boston area, we were all in high tech in Silicon Valley, our kids are comparable ages, and they live in the next development across the street!  We are going to see the Alan Turing movie together tomorrow and having supper afterwards.  Spring.  New friends.  Good.

One thought on “February 22, 2015”

  1. Love the sweet colorful flowers! Lots of good going on! Hope you guys enjoy the movie. We did … have seen it twice! Amazing in so many ways. And so appreciated what the writer said at the Oscars last night.

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