February 23, 2014

Shy Poppy
Shy Poppy

Well, not that shy, perhaps.  The brilliant, cheerful blooms are lovely, lining the path on our walk down to the stairway that leads to the beach.  We went earlier than usual today because we had friends coming for an open house.

I was shy a long time ago.  Not that shy, perhaps?  I just thought I was shy.  I didn’t like to talk to people I didn’t already know — in a store, on the phone, at a party.  I think it was a general reflection of insecurity with the unknown rather than true shyness.  The poppy knows better, opening itself to the sunshine, and later keeping to itself, all cosy-like, when it gets cool and dark.  Taking care of itself when it needs to and turning its face to the world in innocent curiosity.

Several friends at the party said I looked younger and happier in our new house, our new neighborhood, our new proximity to the beach. Yes, yes, and yes!

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