February 24, 2014


I look at these and just want to see more.  How are these stunning drawings made?  I watch the movement of the waves and see the water pulling the sand, but these dramatic ones don’t seem to happen when I’m watching.

We walked for about an hour around noon.  The weather has been consistent with highs in the mid 60s, but at noon it is so much warmer than it is during the late afternoon!  I would be happy in shorts and a tee shirt at noon, but I need a jacket and jeans near sunset.  The temperature is only a few degrees lower later in the day, so it must be the reflected sun on the sand and lack of mid-day cloud cover that makes it so much warmer at noon.

We didn’t see our ground squirrel.  He must sleep mid-day.  The pelicans were doing their lovely V-formations, sweeping back and forth over the beach; the godwits and gulls were gathering as usual; and we partook of clean air and long vistas and the sounds of splash with the same joy.  I hope I never tire of it.

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