February 25, 2014

Big beach
Big beach

Very low tides provide very broad vistas.  This was so expansive today, and warm enough that when the sun was at my back, I could feel its heat on my neck.  It was only in the mid-60s, but the high sun and the sand and the water concentrate the warmth.

So, how can I concentrate my effort?  Sometimes it seems that all I’ve learned has cracked into fragments, shattered into pieces that I have to gingerly gather together into new wholes.  Some simple art processes have become more difficult.  I keep hoping I’m just out of practice; my art-making has been far less consistent in production and focus these last few California years.  I want to gently herd my wandering skills again, create with new purpose: my vision hasn’t changed, at least not my conceptual vision — but my implementation forces seem rusty, creaky, unreliable.  I measured twice, and cut once: wrong!  How could that be?  OK, I’ll set up a table for more room, because working in cramped quarters means not taking care of your materials; either get more space or work smaller!  And get more light!  Please remember not to hurry.  Try it again tomorrow, differently.

How is it I’m still telling myself these basic things?

Big beach, broad vistas.

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