February 26, 2017

Volunteer Park Conservatory

Orchids in Seattle in February.  Delightful.  I lost my scarf there and two days later, a volunteer phoned me (I had phoned them earlier) and said she had it; we were leaving the next morning so she got on her bicycle and delivered the scarf to our hotel — in the rain!  Now, that was going above and beyond — I had said I’d pay for her to mail it.  Needless to say, we made a donation.  The park and conservatory were both lovely.  It certainly left us with a good feeling about Seattle folks!

And today is my oldest-boy-cousin, summer brother’s birthday.  His family spent the summers of our growing up in my home town, at my grandmother’s house.  May he rest in peace.  I miss him.

3 thoughts on “February 26, 2017”

    1. It is my favorite scarf. And now I’ll always think of the Volunteer Park in Seattle when I wear it. We just got a thank you for our donation, but I think we got the better part of the deal!

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