February 27, 2014

Sandpiper convention
Sandpiper convention

It rained today.  And will rain for the next two days.  Parched California needs it.  But the sun was out at low tide this afternoon — or at least it tried to come out.  The skitterers must have been discussing it.  They don’t let us get this close, but I can crop with my camera, so here they are, looking almost like stones tossed on the beach.

When the pelicans swarm overhead, I have to stop and look.  Even a pair of gulls will get my attention.  I am so much more attuned to my senses on the beach.  It will be nice when it is warmer and I can go barefoot.  People do, even now, surfing, walking, splashing, wading; but I get too cold.  In a few months it will be warmer!


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